Police Seize Smuggled Chinchillas Valued at NT$8M|男子走私"龍貓鼠"遭查獲 總價約800萬

公視 08-12 00:00

Fifty rodents worth around NT$8 million on the pet market have been seized at the Kaohsiung Harbor. These long-tailed chinchillas, which people liken to animation character Totoro, were smuggled from China and could meet the fate of euthanasia.

Chinchillas have become a popular pet in recent years. On the 11th, the Kaohsiung Harbor Police seized a shipment of 50 smuggled chinchillas valued at NT$8 million.

None of the smuggled specimens smuggled into Taiwan by the suspect surnamed Yang have been inspected. Once the investigation is closed, we will (dispose of the animals) in accordance with the Wildlife Conservation Act and Statute for Prevention and Control of Infectious Animal Diseases.

Wild chinchillas are a protected species in Taiwan. The Forestry Bureau believes the smuggled chinchillas came from breeders due to their multi-colored fur. To prevent ecological damage and disease, Taiwan euthanizes smuggled animals.

We will ask the Forestry Bureau to make sure they are not a protected breed. If they are, they will not be euthanized. If they are not a protected breed, they will be handed over to us for humanitarian euthanasia. They must be destroyed in case they are carrying diseases.

The Kaohsiung Harbor Police and Bureau of Animal and Plant Health Inspection and Quarantine say people should not smuggle animals into Taiwan as it is first of all illegal and second of all harmful to everyone.


高港警大仁中隊中隊長 李希嶽表示:「楊嫌走私的活體動物,未經檢疫,訊畢後,我們依野生動物保育法,及動物傳染病防治條例,予以偵辦。」


動植物防檢局高雄分局副分局長 甯順熙表示:「跟林務局,要確認牠的品種,是不是屬於保育級的。需要保留留置的,牠就會留置下來,如果其牠的,就會交給我們,做後續的一些人道處理,做後續的銷毀,讓儘可能不要有一些攜帶的病源害發生。」